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U10/11 Advanced Development Program

The Advanced Development Program (ADP) is an alternative to the U10/11 House League Program. ADP for the U10/11 age group takes hockey to the next level as players begin to prepare for the full rep hockey stream to come at the U12/13 programming. GMHA recognizes that the U10/11 program is a crucial age for players’ pathways and if they are looking to progress to become a high level hockey player. GMHA has put a lot of resources into this program to ensure players will receive optimal training to become the best hockey player they can be and continue along their hockey path.

ADP can be summed up as a skills development program that includes; power skating to improve skating ability; on-ice hockey related skill development; and dryland training to develop off-ice skills. ADP runs drills in 2 types of development forms:

  1. Small Area Games: these fun and competitive hockey drills done in a smaller area to increase intensity of drills and allow for more interaction.

  2. Station-Based: these are drills that are setup in various stations on the ice specifically focused on individual skill development.

Goals for ADP

  1. Create a fun and positive learning environment.

  2. Have qualified instructors overseeing both on and off-ice development.

  3. Follow the Hockey Canada Development Guidelines.

  4. Athletes playing and practicing with other similarly skilled players.

  5. To be a representative (rep) hockey program that bridges the gap from house league to rep hockey.

Registration Process

To register for ADP, it is done as every other program. Going through the registration process, you will select the appropriate program based on your child’s age and complete the registration. Therefore, you will be looking to register for the U8 program. Every child with the birth year equivalent to the U8 program will register this way. To tryout for ADP is a separate process mentioned below.

Tryout Process

What are tryouts?

  1. Tryouts are scheduled skates by the GMHA to allow players to showcase their skills and to be evaluated. Evaluators use these tryouts to determine the selection of each team.

  2. To tryout for ADP, you will need to purchase a tryout pass. This is done online through a very similar process to registration. You will see the option to purchase a “rep tryout pass” through the registration process. The specifics may vary each year, but annually information will be provided and released through the GMHA website and social media outlets with the instructions. You MUST register and purchase a tryout pass to be eligible to make an ADP team.

  3. Tryouts typically begin mid-September, and the details of when/where will be made available along with the tryout registration information as mentioned above.

  4. Players will attend the tryouts, where they are evaluated by Independent Evaluators, who assess each player’s current skill set and place them with similarly skilled players for optimal development.

  5. Parents will be notified if their child was selected or not by email approximately 1 week after the final tryout date by email.

Team Structure 

  • There will be four U10 ADP teams (AAA, AA, A, & AE)

  • There will be four U11 ADP teams (AAA, AA, A, & AE)

  • Each team will comprise of 15 skaters and 2 permanent goalies

Season Formatting

The annual calendar is divided into five phases to enhance the player engagement process and ensure each phase of development has a very specific focus. It is important to abide by these phases and not compromise the developmental process by accelerating the calendar and attempting to have players engaged in activities like competitive games and tournament play before the proposed schedule.

  1. Preparation Phase (Player Evaluation/Selection/Tryouts) – Up to 2 weeks

    1. This refers to the period of time prior to the season starting.  

  2. Development Phase – Up to 4 weeks  

    1. This refers to the period of time following tryouts prior to the regular season starting.

  3. Development & Regular Season – Up to 22 weeks

    1. This refers to the period of time from the first regular‐season game to the start of playoffs.

  4. Playoff Phase – Up to 4 weeks

    1. This refers to the period of time from the end of the regular season to the end of playoffs.

  5. Off‐season Phase

    1. This refers to the period of time from the end of the playoffs to the start of the next Preparation Phase.



  • $585 - GMHA program cost

  • $1,200 - Approximate Rep Fees

  • $160 Tryout Pass

  • Other expenses will come from

    • Travel expenses to and from the rink

    • Replacement equipment as needed

    • Skate sharpenings

    • Tournament Fees (Approximately $65 per player for each Tournament)

    • Additional Ice costs

    • Team apparel

    • Team functions

Time (Approximately 22 weeks of sessions from September to March)

  • Four to Eight - 1 hour skating/tryout sessions in September

  • Two - 1 hour practices per week

  • One - 1 hour home game per week

  • One - 1 hour away game per week

  • Travel time

  • Children changing time

  • Other team scheduled events

For full programming information on the implementation as recommended by Hockey Canada, please follow the link below:
U10/11 Hockey Canada Player Pathway

**Please Note: Program pricing, and structure are subject to change annually. This is a rough guideline of what to expect in terms of a breakdown for the season**