Schedule & Results, 49th Annual PowerPlay Tournament, 2019-2020 (Guelph Minor Hockey)

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Complete Tournament Schedule
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, November 22, 2019
RRNAA18:00 AMCENT Guelph Jr. Gryphons0-0Hamilton Huskies Red
RRMAAA128:00 AMEX Belleville Bulls4-6Guelph Jr.Gryphons
RRAAE218:00 AMCW-A Flamborough Sabres3-0Bradford Bulldogs
RRAA358:00 AMCAM-N Garden City Falcons2-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRMPWA548:00 AMSLE Stratford Warriors2-2Woolwich Wildcats
RRNA718:00 AMUOFG-RED Kitchener Jr. Rangers - Blue0-0Brantford 99ers
RRMPWA938:00 AMWEST-1 Southpoint Capitals1-3Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRAA448:15 AMCAM-S Burlington Jr. Cougars Green0-3Toronto Eagles
RRMPWA1048:30 AMWEST-2 Milton Winterhawks3-3Essex Ravens
RRMAA288:30 AMCW-B Guelph Jr.Gryphons6-0Burlington Jr. Cougars Green
RRMPWAE628:30 AMUOFG-GLD Guelph Jr. Gryphons3-2London Bandits
RRMPWAE828:30 AMVIC Brantford 99ers5-0Bradford Bulldogs
RRMAAA139:00 AMEX Quinte West Hawks3-0Orangeville Flyers
RRNAA29:00 AMCENT flamborough Dundas0-0Hamilton Huskies White
RRAAE229:00 AMCW-A Guelph Jr. Gryphons5-2Belleville Jr. Bulls
RRAAA369:00 AMCAM-N Hamilton Huskies3-3Streetsville Tigers
RRMPWA559:00 AMSLE Sarnia Sting1-1Richmond Hill Stars
RRNA729:00 AMUOFG-RED Kitchener Jr. Rangers White0-0Bradford Bulldogs
RRMPWAA949:00 AMWEST-1 Guelph Jr. Gryphons5-0Markham Islanders
RRAAA459:15 AMCAM-S Caledon Hawks0-3Belleville Jr Bulls
RRMPWAA1059:30 AMWEST-2 Brampton 45's3-1Lasalle Sabres
RRMAA299:30 AMCW-B Centre Wellington Fusion0-1Don Mills Mustangs
RRMPWAA639:30 AMUOFG-GLD Buffalo Regals1-3Glancaster Bombers
RRMPWAA839:30 AMVIC Cazenovia Chiefs3-3Kingston Canadians
RRAAE2310:00 AMCW-A Erin/Hillsburgh Devils0-6Windsor Jr. Spitfires
RRNAA310:00 AMCENT West London Hawks0-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red
RRAAA3710:00 AMCAM-N Humberview Huskies0-4Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRMPWAA5610:00 AMSLE Kitchener Jr. Rangers4-3West Mall Lightning
RRNA7310:00 AMUOFG-RED Cambridge Hawks0-0Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRPWAE9510:00 AMWEST-1 Waterloo Wolves White2-7Aurora Tigers
RRMAAA1410:15 AMEX Kent Cobras6-3Brampton 45's
RRMAAA4610:15 AMCAM-S North York Knights1-4Stratford Warriors
RRPWAE10610:30 AMWEST-2 Waterloo Wolves Black1-2Clarington Toros
RRMAA3010:30 AMCW-B Brampton 45's1-9Waterloo Wolves
RRPWAE6410:30 AMUOFG-GLD Hamilton Huskies Red1-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRPWAE8410:30 AMVIC Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue1-0Tecumseh Eagles
RRAAE2411:00 AMCW-A West London Hawks3-0Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
RRAA3811:00 AMCAM-N North Durham Warriors0-1Willowdale Blackhawks
RRNAA411:00 AMCENT LaSalle Sabres0-0Brantford 99ers
RRNA7411:00 AMUOFG-RED New Hamburg Huskies0-0Essex Ravens
RRPWA9611:00 AMWEST-1 Guelph Jr. Gryphons4-1Aurora Tigers
RRAA4711:15 AMCAM-S Don Mills Mustangs0-2Stratford Warriors
RRPWA5711:15 AMSLE Oakville Rangers Blue1-6Owen Sound Jr. Attack
RRPWA10711:30 AMWEST-2 Burlington Jr. Cougars Green0-0Glancaster Bombers
RRMAA3111:30 AMCW-B Hespeler Shamrocks3-3Nickel City Knights
RRPWAA6511:30 AMUOFG-GLD Clarington Toros1-0Vaughan Rangers
RRPWAA8511:30 AMVIC Kent Cobras2-6Waterloo Wolves
RRNAE7512:00 PMUOFG-RED Hamilton Huskies Black0-0Burlington Bulldogs
RRMAAA1512:15 PMEX Guelph Jr.Gryphons0-5Lasalle Sabres
RRMAA2512:15 PMCW-A Burlington Jr. Cougars Green3-10Centre Wellington Fusion
RRAA3912:15 PMCAM-N Guelph Jr. Gryphons4-2London Jr. Mustangs White
RRNAA512:15 PMCENT Hamilton Huskies Red0-0Amherstburg Stars
RRPWA5812:15 PMSLE Clarington Toros4-3New Hamburg Huskies
RRPWAA9712:15 PMWEST-1 Copper Cliff Reds1-5Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRMPWA10812:30 PMWEST-2 Stratford Warriors3-2Milton Winterhawks
RRAAE3212:30 PMCW-B Bradford Bulldogs1-6Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRAA4812:30 PMCAM-S Toronto Eagles4-6Southpoint Capitals
RRMPWAE6612:30 PMUOFG-GLD London Bandits4-1Brantford 99ers
RRMPWAE8612:30 PMVIC Bradford Bulldogs0-5Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRNA761:00 PMUOFG-RED Brantford 99ers0-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers White
RRMAAA161:15 PMEX Orangeville Flyers1-4Belleville Bulls
RRMAA261:15 PMCW-A Don Mills Mustangs1-1Guelph Jr.Gryphons
RRAAA401:15 PMCAM-N Streetsville Tigers0-3Gloucester Rangers
RRMPWAA591:15 PMSLE Kingston Canadians2-2Buffalo Regals
RRNAE61:15 PMCENT Orangeville Flyers0-0Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRMPWA981:15 PMWEST-1 Essex Ravens6-0Burlington Jr. Cougars Royal
RRMPWA1091:30 PMWEST-2 Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-2Burlington Jr. Cougars Blue
RRAAE331:30 PMCW-B Belleville Jr. Bulls2-4Flamborough Sabres
RRAAA491:30 PMCAM-S Caledon Hawks1-5Humberview Huskies
RRMPWAA671:30 PMUOFG-GLD Ajax Knights0-4Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRMPWA871:30 PMVIC Southpoint Capitals1-5Sarnia Sting
RRNA772:00 PMUOFG-RED Bradford Bulldogs0-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers - Blue
RRMAAA172:15 PMEX Brampton 45's1-3Quinte West Hawks
RRMAA272:15 PMCW-A Waterloo Wolves5-1Hespeler Shamrocks
RRAAA412:15 PMCAM-N Belleville Jr Bulls3-2Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRMPWAA602:15 PMSLE Markham Islanders1-3Brampton 45's
RRNAA72:15 PMCENT Hamilton Huskies White0-0West London Hawks
RRPWAE992:15 PMWEST-1 Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
RRPWAE1102:30 PMWEST-2 Tecumseh Eagles0-2Hamilton Huskies Red
RRAAE342:30 PMCW-B Windsor Jr. Spitfires0-5West London Hawks
RRMAAA502:30 PMCAM-S North York Knights2-3Kent Cobras
RRPWA682:30 PMUOFG-GLD London Jr. Mustangs White0-2Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRPWAA882:30 PMVIC Waterloo Wolves3-1Windsor Jr. Spitfires
RRNAE93:00 PMUOFG-RED Walkerton Capitals0-0Hamilton Huskies Black
RRPWA1003:15 PMWEST-1 Amherstburg Stars1-3Oakville Rangers Blue
RRMAAA183:15 PMEX Stratford Warriors9-1Lasalle Sabres
RRAA423:15 PMCAM-N North Durham Warriors4-1Burlington Jr. Cougars Green
RRPWA613:15 PMSLE Owen Sound Jr. Attack2-1Clarington Toros
RRNAA83:15 PMCENT Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red0-0Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRPWA1113:30 PMWEST-2 Aurora Tigers1-1Glancaster Bombers
RRAA513:30 PMCAM-S Garden City Falcons0-3Don Mills Mustangs
RRPWAE693:30 PMUOFG-GLD Aurora Tigers3-0Waterloo Wolves Black
RRMPWAA893:30 PMVIC Lasalle Sabres3-1Cazenovia Chiefs
RRNA794:00 PMUOFG-RED Guelph Jr. Gryphons0-0New Hamburg Huskies
RRPWAA1014:15 PMWEST-1 Clarington Toros6-1Copper Cliff Reds
RRMAA194:15 PMEX Nickel City Knights2-3Brampton 45's
RRAA434:15 PMCAM-N London Jr. Mustangs White2-4Stratford Warriors
RRNA804:15 PMCENT Essex Ravens0-0Cambridge Hawks
RRPWAA1124:30 PMWEST-2 Vaughan Rangers0-4Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRAA524:30 PMCAM-S Willowdale Blackhawks0-1Southpoint Capitals
RRPWAE704:30 PMUOFG-GLD Clarington Toros3-4Waterloo Wolves White
RRMPWAA904:30 PMVIC Glancaster Bombers0-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers
RRNAE785:00 PMUOFG-RED Burlington Bulldogs0-0Orangeville Flyers
RRNAA105:15 PMCENT LaSalle Sabres0-0flamborough Dundas
RRMPWA1025:15 PMWEST-1 Woolwich Wildcats8-1Burlington Jr. Cougars Royal
RRAAE205:15 PMEX Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets0-2Erin/Hillsburgh Devils
RRMPWA1135:30 PMWEST-2 Burlington Jr. Cougars Blue2-2Richmond Hill Stars
RRMPWAA1145:30 PMUOFG-GLD West Mall Lightning1-5Ajax Knights
RRAAA535:30 PMCAM-S Gloucester Rangers2-3Hamilton Huskies
RRPWA915:30 PMVIC London Jr. Mustangs White6-2Burlington Jr. Cougars Green
RRNAE816:00 PMUOFG-RED Guelph Jr. Gryphons0-0Walkerton Capitals
RRPWA1036:15 PMWEST-1 New Hamburg Huskies10-1Amherstburg Stars
RRNAA116:15 PMCENT Brantford 99ers0-0Amherstburg Stars
RRPWAA926:30 PMVIC Windsor Jr. Spitfires2-3Kent Cobras
Saturday, November 23, 2019
RRNA1157:00 AMCENT Cambridge Hawks0-0Bradford Bulldogs
RRMAA1277:00 AMEX Hespeler Shamrocks5-1Burlington Jr. Cougars Green
RRMAAA1527:00 AMSLE Stratford Warriors8-1Guelph Jr.Gryphons
RRAAA1657:00 AMUOFG-GLD Humberview Huskies0-5Streetsville Tigers
RRMAA1907:00 AMVIC Guelph Jr.Gryphons3-2Nickel City Knights
RRMAA2017:00 AMWEST-1 Brampton 45's3-7Don Mills Mustangs
RRMAA2147:15 AMWEST-2 Centre Wellington Fusion2-2Waterloo Wolves
RRNAA1777:30 AMUOFG-RED Hamilton Huskies Red0-0Brantford 99ers
RRNA1168:00 AMCENT Kitchener Jr. Rangers White0-0Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRAA1288:00 AMEX Burlington Jr. Cougars Green0-2Willowdale Blackhawks
RRAAA1538:00 AMSLE Caledon Hawks0-5Gloucester Rangers
RRAAA1668:00 AMUOFG-GLD Guelph Jr. Gryphons3-4Hamilton Huskies
RRMAAA1918:00 AMVIC Belleville Bulls1-1Brampton 45's
RRMAAA2028:00 AMWEST-1 Orangeville Flyers1-3Lasalle Sabres
RRMAAA2158:15 AMWEST-2 North York Knights2-2Quinte West Hawks
RRNAA1788:30 AMUOFG-RED Guelph Jr. Gryphons0-0Hamilton Huskies White
RRNA1179:00 AMCENT Kitchener Jr. Rangers - Blue0-0Essex Ravens
RRAAE1299:00 AMEX West London Hawks5-0Bradford Bulldogs
RRMPWAE1549:00 AMSLE Bradford Bulldogs0-4London Bandits
RRMPWAE1679:00 AMUOFG-GLD Brantford 99ers2-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRAAE1929:00 AMVIC Flamborough Sabres3-2Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
RRAAE2039:00 AMWEST-1 Erin/Hillsburgh Devils0-5Belleville Jr. Bulls
RRAAE2169:15 AMWEST-2 Guelph Jr. Gryphons6-0Windsor Jr. Spitfires
RRNAA1799:30 AMUOFG-RED West London Hawks0-0LaSalle Sabres
RRNA11810:00 AMCENT New Hamburg Huskies0-0Brantford 99ers
RRAA13010:00 AMEX London Jr. Mustangs White3-1Garden City Falcons
RRMPWAA15510:00 AMSLE Markham Islanders2-1Glancaster Bombers
RRMPWA16810:00 AMUOFG-GLD Richmond Hill Stars0-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRMPWA19310:00 AMVIC Milton Winterhawks1-4Woolwich Wildcats
RRAA20410:00 AMWEST-1 Stratford Warriors2-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRAA21710:15 AMWEST-2 Toronto Eagles0-3North Durham Warriors
RRNAA18010:30 AMUOFG-RED Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red0-0Amherstburg Stars
RRNAE11911:00 AMCENT Hamilton Huskies Black0-0Orangeville Flyers
RRMPWA13111:00 AMEX Sarnia Sting1-2Burlington Jr. Cougars Blue
RRMAA13911:00 AMCAM-N Waterloo Wolves1-2Guelph Jr.Gryphons
RRPWA15611:00 AMSLE Guelph Jr. Gryphons1-1Burlington Jr. Cougars Green
RRMPWA16911:00 AMUOFG-GLD Essex Ravens1-1Stratford Warriors
RRMPWAA19411:00 AMVIC Brampton 45's4-0Buffalo Regals
RRMPWAA20511:00 AMWEST-1 Cazenovia Chiefs0-1West Mall Lightning
RRMAA14611:15 AMCAM-S Nickel City Knights2-2Centre Wellington Fusion
RRMPWAA21811:15 AMWEST-2 Kitchener Jr. Rangers4-1Ajax Knights
RRNAA18111:30 AMUOFG-RED Hamilton Huskies Red0-0flamborough Dundas
RRNA12012:00 PMCENT Guelph Jr. Gryphons0-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers - Blue
RRMAA13212:00 PMEX Don Mills Mustangs3-0Hespeler Shamrocks
RRMAAA14012:00 PMCAM-N Brampton 45's1-1Lasalle Sabres
RRMPWAA15712:00 PMSLE Guelph Jr. Gryphons3-2Kingston Canadians
RRAAA17012:00 PMUOFG-GLD Streetsville Tigers3-2Belleville Jr Bulls
RRPWAE19512:00 PMVIC Waterloo Wolves White1-2Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRMAAA20612:00 PMWEST-1 Guelph Jr.Gryphons5-4Kent Cobras
RRMAA14712:15 PMCAM-S Burlington Jr. Cougars Green2-3Brampton 45's
RRPWAE21912:15 PMWEST-2 Hamilton Huskies Red1-2Aurora Tigers
RRNAE18212:30 PMUOFG-RED Walkerton Capitals0-0Burlington Bulldogs
RRNA1211:00 PMCENT Brantford 99ers0-0Cambridge Hawks
RRAAA1331:00 PMEX Hamilton Huskies4-3Caledon Hawks
RRPWAE1411:00 PMCAM-N Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue1-2Clarington Toros
RRPWAA1581:00 PMSLE Kent Cobras0-5Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRMAAA1711:00 PMUOFG-GLD Quinte West Hawks2-2Stratford Warriors
RRPWA1961:00 PMVIC New Hamburg Huskies1-4Owen Sound Jr. Attack
RRPWAA2071:00 PMWEST-1 Copper Cliff Reds1-8Waterloo Wolves
RRMAAA1481:15 PMCAM-S North York Knights0-1Belleville Bulls
RRPWAA2201:15 PMWEST-2 Windsor Jr. Spitfires0-4Clarington Toros
RRNAA1831:30 PMUOFG-RED Hamilton Huskies White0-0Amherstburg Stars
RRNAE1222:00 PMCENT Hamilton Huskies Black0-0Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRMPWA1342:00 PMEX Burlington Jr. Cougars Royal1-11Milton Winterhawks
RRPWAE1422:00 PMCAM-N Waterloo Wolves Black5-0Tecumseh Eagles
RRMPWAA1592:00 PMSLE Glancaster Bombers0-2Lasalle Sabres
RRAAA1722:00 PMUOFG-GLD Gloucester Rangers5-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRAA2082:00 PMWEST-1 Guelph Jr. Gryphons1-3Don Mills Mustangs
RRPWA1492:15 PMCAM-S Clarington Toros2-0Oakville Rangers Blue
RRAA2212:15 PMWEST-2 Southpoint Capitals4-2North Durham Warriors
RRNAA1842:30 PMUOFG-RED LaSalle Sabres0-0Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRNA1233:00 PMCENT Essex Ravens0-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers White
RRAAE1353:00 PMEX Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets0-6Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRAAE1433:00 PMCAM-N Bradford Bulldogs5-0Erin/Hillsburgh Devils
RRMPWA1603:00 PMSLE Richmond Hill Stars3-1Southpoint Capitals
RRPWA1733:00 PMUOFG-GLD Glancaster Bombers0-0Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRMAAA2093:00 PMWEST-1 Kent Cobras2-0Orangeville Flyers
RRPWA1503:15 PMCAM-S Aurora Tigers1-0London Jr. Mustangs White
RRAA2223:15 PMWEST-2 Willowdale Blackhawks5-0Toronto Eagles
RRNAA1863:30 PMUOFG-RED Brantford 99ers0-0West London Hawks
RRNA1244:00 PMCENT Bradford Bulldogs0-0New Hamburg Huskies
RRAAE1364:00 PMEX Belleville Jr. Bulls0-6West London Hawks
RRAAE1444:00 PMCAM-N Windsor Jr. Spitfires2-0Flamborough Sabres
RRMPWA1614:00 PMSLE Woolwich Wildcats1-2Essex Ravens
RRMPWAA1744:00 PMUOFG-GLD Kingston Canadians1-0Markham Islanders
RRPWA1974:00 PMVIC Owen Sound Jr. Attack4-1Amherstburg Stars
RRPWAA2104:00 PMWEST-1 Vaughan Rangers3-0Copper Cliff Reds
RRPWAE1514:15 PMCAM-S Clarington Toros4-2Hamilton Huskies Red
RRAAA2234:15 PMWEST-2 Belleville Jr Bulls3-5Humberview Huskies
RRNAA1854:30 PMUOFG-RED Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red0-0flamborough Dundas
RRNAE1255:00 PMCENT Guelph Jr. Gryphons0-0Burlington Bulldogs
RRAA1375:00 PMEX Stratford Warriors4-1Garden City Falcons
RRPWA1455:00 PMCAM-N Oakville Rangers Blue0-3New Hamburg Huskies
RRMPWA1625:00 PMSLE Guelph Jr. Gryphons1-1Sarnia Sting
RRPWAA1755:00 PMUOFG-GLD Guelph Jr. Gryphons3-0Windsor Jr. Spitfires
RRPWAA1985:00 PMVIC Clarington Toros2-2Kent Cobras
RRPWAE2115:00 PMWEST-1 Aurora Tigers2-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue
RRAA2245:15 PMWEST-2 Southpoint Capitals7-2Burlington Jr. Cougars Green
RRPWAE2265:15 PMCAM-S Tecumseh Eagles1-5Waterloo Wolves White
RRNAE1875:30 PMUOFG-RED Orangeville Flyers0-0Walkerton Capitals
RRAA1266:00 PMCENT Don Mills Mustangs2-4London Jr. Mustangs White
RRPWAE1386:00 PMEX Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-1Waterloo Wolves Black
RRMPWA1636:00 PMSLE Burlington Jr. Cougars Blue6-1Southpoint Capitals
RRMPWAA1996:00 PMVIC Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-2Cazenovia Chiefs
RRMPWAA2126:00 PMWEST-1 Ajax Knights1-0Brampton 45's
RRMPWA2256:15 PMWEST-2 Burlington Jr. Cougars Royal2-7Stratford Warriors
RRMPWAA1886:30 PMUOFG-RED Buffalo Regals2-5Guelph Jr. Gryphons
RRPWA1647:00 PMSLE Burlington Jr. Cougars Green0-0Aurora Tigers
RRPWA2007:00 PMVIC Amherstburg Stars0-14Clarington Toros
RRPWAA2137:00 PMWEST-1 Waterloo Wolves4-0Vaughan Rangers
RRMPWAA1767:15 PMWEST-2 West Mall Lightning5-1Lasalle Sabres
RRPWA1897:30 PMUOFG-RED London Jr. Mustangs White5-0Glancaster Bombers
Sunday, November 24, 2019
SFMAA2278:00 AMCENT Waterloo Wolves1-2Guelph Jr.Gryphons
SFMAA2308:00 AMEX Centre Wellington Fusion2-4Don Mills Mustangs
SFMAAA2338:00 AMSLE Belleville Bulls4-5Stratford Warriors
SFA2418:00 AMUOFG-RED North Durham Warriors5-2Stratford Warriors
SFA2468:00 AMVIC Willowdale Blackhawks4-2Southpoint Capitals
SFAAA2478:00 AMWEST-1 Humberview Huskies1-3Hamilton Huskies
SFMAAA2368:30 AMUOFG-GLD Kent Cobras1-2Quinte West Hawks
SFAAA2538:30 AMWEST-2 Streetsville Tigers3-0Gloucester Rangers
SFAAE2289:15 AMCENT Flamborough Sabres0-5Guelph Jr. Gryphons
SFAAE2319:15 AMEX Windsor Jr. Spitfires0-6West London Hawks
SFPWAE2349:15 AMSLE Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue1-0Aurora Tigers
SFMPWA2429:15 AMUOFG-RED Burlington Jr. Cougars Blue3-1Essex Ravens
SFMPWA2489:15 AMWEST-1 Stratford Warriors1-3Guelph Jr. Gryphons
SFPWAE2379:45 AMUOFG-GLD Clarington Toros3-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
SFPWAA2549:45 AMWEST-2 Clarington Toros3-1Waterloo Wolves
SFMPWAE22910:30 AMCENT Brantford 99ers4-2Guelph Jr. Gryphons
SFMPWAE23210:30 AMEX Bradford Bulldogs0-5London Bandits
SFMPWAA23510:30 AMSLE Kingston Canadians1-5Guelph Jr. Gryphons
SFPWA24310:30 AMUOFG-RED Clarington Toros2-3Guelph Jr. Gryphons
SFPWAA24910:30 AMWEST-1 Kent Cobras0-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
SFMPWAA23811:00 AMUOFG-GLD Brampton 45's1-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers
SFPWA25511:00 AMWEST-2 London Jr. Mustangs White1-6Owen Sound Jr. Attack
FMAA25612:30 PMWEST-2 Guelph Jr.Gryphons1-4Don Mills Mustangs
FAAA2391:00 PMUOFG-GLD Streetsville Tigers2-1Hamilton Huskies
FMAAA2501:00 PMWEST-1 Quinte West Hawks4-5Stratford Warriors
FAAE2441:30 PMUOFG-RED Guelph Jr. Gryphons1-2West London Hawks
FAA2572:00 PMWEST-2 North Durham Warriors1-3Willowdale Blackhawks
FPWAE2402:30 PMUOFG-GLD Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue1-3Clarington Toros
FMPWA2512:30 PMWEST-1 Burlington Jr. Cougars Blue3-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
FMPWAE2453:00 PMUOFG-RED Brantford 99ers3-1London Bandits
FPWA2583:30 PMWEST-2 Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-1Owen Sound Jr. Attack
FPWAA2524:00 PMWEST-1 Clarington Toros3-2Guelph Jr. Gryphons
FMPWAA2594:30 PMWEST-2 Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-4Guelph Jr. Gryphons
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