Open Ice (Guelph Minor Hockey Association)

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Colour: Minimum Length: Group By:
Centennial Arena
Tue, Mar 058:30 PM10:30 PM120306754
Thu, Mar 074:30 PM5:30 PM60306754
Mon, Mar 114:30 PM6:30 PM120306754
Tue, Mar 124:30 PM5:30 PM60306754
Wed, Mar 137:30 PM9:30 PM120306754
Thu, Mar 144:30 PM5:30 PM60306754
Fri, Mar 154:30 PM6:30 PM120306754
Fri, Mar 157:30 PM9:30 PM120306754
Sun, Mar 1710:00 AM3:00 PM300306754
Mon, Mar 188:30 PM10:30 PM120306754
Tue, Mar 194:30 PM5:30 PM60306754
Tue, Mar 196:30 PM10:30 PM240306754
Wed, Mar 206:00 PM7:00 PM60306754
Wed, Mar 209:30 PM11:00 PM90306754
Thu, Mar 214:30 PM5:30 PM60306754
Thu, Mar 218:30 PM10:30 PM120306754
Sun, Mar 247:00 AM8:00 PM780306754
Mon, Mar 258:30 PM10:30 PM120306754
Tue, Mar 266:30 PM10:30 PM240306754
Wed, Mar 276:00 PM7:00 PM60306754
Wed, Mar 278:00 PM9:30 PM90306754
Wed, Mar 279:30 PM11:00 PM90306754
Exhibition Arena
Sat, Mar 028:15 PM9:45 PM90306754
Wed, Mar 067:30 PM9:30 PM120306754
Sun, Mar 1011:30 AM12:30 PM60306754
Tue, Mar 198:00 PM9:00 PM60FFFFFF
Wed, Mar 207:30 PM9:30 PM120306754
Sun, Mar 2411:30 AM12:30 PM60306754
Sun, Mar 242:00 PM8:00 PM360306754
Tue, Mar 268:00 PM9:00 PM60306754
Wed, Mar 277:30 PM9:30 PM120306754
Sleeman Centre
Sun, Mar 1012:00 PM4:00 PM240306754
Wed, Mar 135:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Mon, Mar 185:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Tue, Mar 196:00 PM7:30 PM90306754
Wed, Mar 205:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Sun, Mar 243:00 PM6:00 PM180306754
Mon, Mar 255:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Tue, Mar 266:00 PM7:30 PM90306754
University of Guelph (Gold)
Sat, Feb 247:30 PM8:30 PM60306754
Sun, Feb 255:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Sat, Mar 025:00 PM7:30 PM150306754
Wed, Mar 064:30 PM5:30 PM60306754
Sat, Mar 095:30 PM7:30 PM120306754
Sun, Mar 105:45 PM7:30 PM105306754
Tue, Mar 125:30 PM7:00 PM90306754
Wed, Mar 134:30 PM6:30 PM120306754
Thu, Mar 145:30 PM7:00 PM90306754
Sat, Mar 169:30 AM12:30 PM180306754
Sat, Mar 163:30 PM7:30 PM240306754
Sun, Mar 173:30 PM7:30 PM240306754
Wed, Mar 204:30 PM5:30 PM60306754
Thu, Mar 215:30 PM7:00 PM90306754
Wed, Mar 274:30 PM5:30 PM60306754
University of Guelph (Red)
Sat, Mar 027:00 AM8:00 AM60306754
Mon, Mar 044:00 PM5:00 PM60306754
Tue, Mar 054:00 PM5:00 PM60306754
Wed, Mar 064:00 PM5:00 PM60306754
Sat, Mar 097:00 AM8:00 AM60306754
Sat, Mar 098:00 AM10:00 AM120306754
Sat, Mar 0910:00 AM12:00 PM120306754
Sat, Mar 091:00 PM6:00 PM300306754
Tue, Mar 125:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Sat, Mar 167:00 AM8:00 AM60306754
Sat, Mar 168:00 AM10:00 AM120306754
Tue, Mar 195:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Tue, Mar 265:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Victoria Road Rec Centre
Tue, Mar 054:00 PM5:00 PM60306754
Wed, Mar 064:30 PM5:30 PM60306754
Thu, Mar 079:45 PM10:30 PM45306754
Sat, Mar 097:30 AM11:30 AM240306754
Sat, Mar 0912:30 PM2:30 PM120306754
Sun, Mar 102:30 PM3:30 PM60306754
Tue, Mar 124:00 PM6:00 PM120306754
Wed, Mar 134:30 PM5:30 PM60306754
Wed, Mar 136:30 PM7:30 PM60306754
Wed, Mar 138:30 PM10:30 PM120306754
Thu, Mar 145:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Thu, Mar 148:00 PM10:30 PM150306754
Sat, Mar 169:30 AM10:30 AM60306754
Sun, Mar 173:30 PM7:30 PM240306754
Tue, Mar 194:00 PM6:00 PM120306754
Tue, Mar 197:00 PM10:30 PM210306754
Wed, Mar 204:30 PM5:30 PM60306754
Wed, Mar 206:30 PM10:30 PM240306754
Thu, Mar 215:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Thu, Mar 218:15 PM10:30 PM135306754
Sat, Mar 237:30 AM2:30 PM420306754
Sun, Mar 243:30 PM4:30 PM60306754
Sun, Mar 246:05 PM10:30 PM265306754
Tue, Mar 264:00 PM6:00 PM120306754
Tue, Mar 267:00 PM10:30 PM210306754
Wed, Mar 274:30 PM5:30 PM60306754
Wed, Mar 276:30 PM10:30 PM240306754
West End Recreation Centre (1)
Thu, Mar 079:45 PM11:00 PM75306754
Sat, Mar 094:00 PM7:00 PM180306754
Mon, Mar 115:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Wed, Mar 135:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Sun, Mar 174:45 PM7:30 PM165306754
Mon, Mar 184:30 PM7:30 PM180306754
Tue, Mar 199:00 PM11:00 PM120306754
Wed, Mar 205:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Thu, Mar 217:00 PM8:15 PM75306754
Thu, Mar 219:50 PM11:00 PM70306754
Mon, Mar 254:30 PM7:30 PM180306754
Mon, Mar 258:45 PM10:30 PM105306754
Tue, Mar 269:00 PM11:00 PM120306754
Wed, Mar 275:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
West End Recreation Centre (2)
Mon, Mar 044:15 PM5:15 PM60306754
Wed, Mar 065:15 PM6:15 PM60306754
Fri, Mar 084:15 PM6:45 PM150306754
Sat, Mar 095:45 PM10:15 PM270306754
Mon, Mar 114:15 PM10:45 PM390306754
Wed, Mar 134:15 PM8:45 PM270306754
Fri, Mar 154:15 PM5:15 PM60306754
Fri, Mar 156:45 PM8:00 PM75306754
Fri, Mar 159:15 PM10:45 PM90306754
Sat, Mar 163:00 PM10:15 PM435306754
Mon, Mar 184:15 PM10:45 PM390306754
Wed, Mar 204:15 PM10:15 PM360306754
Mon, Mar 254:15 PM5:15 PM60306754
Mon, Mar 256:15 PM10:45 PM270306754
Wed, Mar 275:15 PM10:15 PM300306754
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