Conflicts and Complaints (Guelph Minor Hockey Association)

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GMHA is committed to creating and maintaining an organizational environment characterized by constructive, productive and supportive relationships. These are ones that are open to contrasting styles of understanding and acting on different points of view.

Overall, GMHA recognizes that human interactions are complex, and often difficult, and that we can contribute to their success and breakdown. In all cases it is hoped that the parties that the parties can resolve their differences by speaking with each other after the mandatory 24-hour waiting period.

The general steps to obtain a resolution are as follows:

Step 1 - Discussion

This can be between coaches, players, and parents...or between parents, etc.

Step 2 - Completing Conflict and Complaint Form

There is a link to this form provided below. The submitted form will be forwarded to the appropriate GMHA Director, Convenor, or Committee Chair as may be appropriate.

Step 3 - Review, Council, and Discipline Committee

This committee of the GMHA Board of Directors handles any actions or situations that are not initially resolved and are forwarded for investigation and resolution.

Step 4 - Proper Authorities

Law enforcement or other authorities can be included when appropriate.

Conflict and Complaint Form

Please complete this form if you wish to report a conflict or a complaint about an individual (coach, team official, player, parent, GMHA employee, or Board member.)