House League Volunteers (Guelph Minor Hockey Association)

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We are always looking for volunteers! Whether you are looking to volunteer regularly or occasionally, we are always welcoming parents and community members to be more involved within our association.
Please complete our volunteer application and let us know how you would like to contribute. We greatly appreciate your interest in wanting to be more involved within our association and make a difference in our player’s hockey experience.


Volunteer Descriptions: (Please note that if you are interested in volunteering for any of the positions listed below for our ADP, REP, or Select program, your child would need to complete tryouts and be placed accordingly first.)

Convenor (Initiation/House League)
Reporting directly to the Director of House League, A Convenor is responsible for maintaining communication between League coaches and GMHA as well as ensuring GMHA and OMHA rules, regulations, policies and procedures are followed by the bench staff, players and parents. A convenor also oversees the selection of teams, as well as the balancing of teams during the first two weeks of play. The Convenor manages the entire division of an age group within House League, which also includes the management of equipment, disciplinary actions, game sheets, exhibition games, Select team, maintain league standings, conflict resolution, and additional activities where applicable.

Head Coach (Initiation/House League)
Volunteering to be a Coach is a great way to give back to the kids and support more than just their hockey development. As Head Coach, you will be responsible for your team and 15-19 kids will rely on you each week to coach them in games/practices.

Assistant Coach (House League)
Each year we have a number of Head Coaches looking for help running their team. If you would like to volunteer to help out a Head Coach, your role will vary based on that Coach’s needs. You will likely be a support person to help run the bench during games and facilitating practices.

Trainer (House League)
We are always looking for Trainers to help out and ensure the safety of our members. As a trainer, you would be responsible for ensuring the safety of your assigned team during all team activities. You will be required to attend games and practices and come prepared for all types of scenarios. There is an online Trainer’s course you can complete, which provides you with all the knowledge you will need.

Manager/Team Admin (House League)
As a team’s manager, you will have a number of responsibilities. They may vary depending on your team’s Head Coach and what they delegate to you. Some responsibilities typically include; finances, team rostering, travel permits, and other administrative tasks. 

On-Ice Help (Initiation/House League)
An on-ice helper would be an individual with proper credentials that is looking to assist with games or practices form any given team when the help is needed. You would be on a  list for current coaches to have access to, so they can reach out if help is needed. That help can be during a practice/tryout on the ice to provide an additional body to support player development. Other opportunities may be available should your credentials be what is required.

OTHER (Special Events, Administrative Work, Tournaments, etc)
We invite members of the GMHA and the community to help out with various special events such as picture day, GMHA hosted jamborees and tournaments, etc. The commitment is minimal and is an opportunity for those who don't have much time, to give back. 


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