Player Movement Request Form (Guelph Minor Hockey)

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This form must be used for all types of Player Movement Requests. All requests must be approved by the Director of Rep.
  1. The various Types of Player Movement Request forms available are as follows:

    Junior Hockey Tryout Form
    1) OMHA - Junior Player Permission Tryout form-This form is to be utilized on behalf of all players wishing to attend a Junior Hockey Tryout Camp, Each Jr team will require a team specific form 

    Major Midget AAA
    2) OMHA Major Midget Player tryout Permission Form - this form will allow you to attend any OMHA Major Midget AAA tryout.

    3) OHF Major Midget AAA “Uncontested” Release Form- this form will allow you to go to different Member partners eg Alliance and attend their Major Midget AAA tryouts.  Players must be released from GMHA Midget AAA tryouts before obtaining this form.

    Novice to Minor Midget AAA
    4) OHF AAA Hockey F1 Waiver - this will allow the player to attend neighbouring AAA teams tryouts ( Cambridge, Grey Bruce,  Halton, Huron-Perth, Waterloo).  Guelph Centre or Zone Players must attend GMHA AAA teams tryouts before obtaining this form.  Players "passing through" Guelph Zone will need to fill this out.

    Minor Peewee to Midget 
    5) Nonresidential Player (NRP passport) - in some divisions where GMHA does not offer A level of play, a player or goalie wishing to try out for the next closest A centre accepting Non Residential Players (NRP) will need an OMHA "NRP" passport from GMHA to attend these tryouts.  If GMHA has a AA or A team then you may not request this form

    Any Age Group
    6) Right of Choice - A “Right Of Choice” is determined by measuring the difference in distance (on a well-travelled road.) from the players' address to the OMHA designated address in Guelph and the players' address to the next closest OMHA centre they wish to go to.  The difference between these two distances must not exceed eight (8) km. If it does, the player does not have the "Right of Choice" and must play in their closest centre. If it is less than 8 km, the player has the right to choose which centre to play in and must complete a [Right of Choice] Declaration.

Type of Player Movement Request
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  2. eg. where do you plan to go to tryout, what Jr team(s) are you trying out for, reason for form request, etc.
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