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Guelph Minor Hockey Skating School


GMHA's Skating School is an entry-level program focused on the development of hockey skating skills that are necessary for transition into hockey programs (Skill Development, Advanced Development, House League, etc.).

The Skating School format organizes players into 3 groups for instruction based on current ability. Each level is geared toward progressive development, building from one to the next, to ensure each player continues to develop by being in the most appropriate skating / hockey environment.

Level A - Beginners (skated less than 1 year), or first-time skaters, will be in Level A.

Level B - Skaters who are able to skate the width of the ice forward, perform some basic skills, and stop without the use of the boards will be in Level B.

Level C - Skaters who can skate the length of the ice in forward stride, the width of the ice backwards, and can stop on command will be in Level C.

Within each level there are 3 fundamental areas of instruction: Balance, Control, and Agility. Players progress through the fundamental skating skills and move through the levels for a natural progression within the Skating School and then into the GMHA skills Development Program (U6 to U8 hockey).

Recognizing that skating is the foundational skill for hockey and other ice sports, this program allows participants the opportunity to focus on skating skills outside of any games or practices they may have.


Recommended Equipment

Level A - Warm clothing but nothing too bulky that will restrict movement (no snowsuits, scarves, etc.). The ideal clothing is splash pants over warm pants, with a jacket and gloves or mittens. A CSA approved helmet MUST be worn. A facemask on the helmet is recommended for beginners.

Levels B & C - Skaters at these levels are encouraged to wear full hockey equipment including gloves, stick, knee pads, elbow pads, and a CSA approved helmet.


Schedule Options

There are two 50-minute sessions available to enroll in, with all lessons on Saturday mornings in the following time slots:



Within each of these 50-minute sessions, all 3 levels (A, B & C) are offered.

All sessions will take place at the University of Guelph Red Rink.


Registration Info

Session #1 - October through December (10 weeks) - $208
Registration is Closed

Session #2 - January through March (9 weeks) - $187
Registration is Closed