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100 Crimea Street - Unit C11
Guelph, ON N1H 2Y6
Tel: 519-824-5910

Email: [email protected]

Office hours: Monday-Thursday 11:00AM-4:00PM - Friday 8:30AM-12:00PM


Guelph Minor Hockey Association is located at 100 Crimea Street, Unit C-11. Crimea Street runs West off of Edinburgh Road just South of Paisley Road and just North of Waterloo Avenue. Turn on to Crimea Street, go over the railroad tracks and watch for a laneway between Target Restorations and John Howard Society, this is on the south side of the street. The laneway brings you into the courtyard. We are at the top of the courtyard on the right hand side, Unit C-11.

ExecutivePeter GuthPresident
ExecutiveDavid ChristiansenVice-President
ExecutiveKen CathcartPast President
ExecutiveTara KellySecretary
ExecutiveGreg KloepferTreasurer
ExecutiveJen BrisbinDirector of Rep Hockey, AAA
ExecutiveD'Arcy RonanDirector of Rep Hockey, AA - MD
ExecutiveJim SullivanDirector of House League
ExecutiveTim DavisonDirector of Player Development
ExecutiveLindsey GlavazDirector of Communications
ExecutiveLindsay BlanchardDirector of Risk Management
ExecutivePeter UddenbergDirector of Sponsorship
ExecutiveChenai RobsonEquipment Manager
ExecutiveDamian BunnamanDirector at Large
Org StaffBryan SmithOperations Coordinator
Org StaffRhonda GattoFinance & Website Administration
Org StaffPenny HunterIce Scheduler
49th Annual PowerPlay TournamentMitch LortieCo-Chair
A - Novice ADP AAlex FTrainer
A - Novice ADP APhilip LevesqueHead Coach
A - Novice ADP AJ MetzloffManager
A - Novice ADP AC RouseAsst Coach
A - Novice ADP AE StoccoManager
AE - Novice ADP AEMike O'TooleHead Coach
AE - Novice ADP AEChad MitchellManager
AAA - Minor AtomJon SobolHead Coach
AAA - Minor AtomChris BillingsAssistant Coach
AAA - Minor AtomKeith SaveryTrainer
AAA - Minor AtomChad SaveryManager
AAA - Minor AtomAshley BradleyAdministrator
AAA - AtomBrett SmithHead Coach
AAA - AtomRob HallAssistant Coach
AAA - AtomRyan WhiteAssistant Coach
AAA - AtomBeppy ToscanAssistant Coach
AAA - AtomShane MabeyTrainer
AAA - AtomCarrie TinningAdministrator
AAA - Minor PeeWeeJay MartinHead Coach
AAA - Minor PeeWeeDonato DibucchianicoAssistant Coach
AAA - Minor PeeWeeSteve DuffManager
AAA - Minor PeeWeeMike GattoTrainer
AAA - Minor PeeWeeChris JenkinsTrainer
AAA - PeeWeeScott BiserHead Coach
AAA - PeeWeeJesse LongoAssistant Coach
AAA - PeeWeeJustin LongoTrainer
AAA - PeeWeeJordan MockAssistant Coach
AAA - PeeWeeJenna StetzTrainer
AAA - PeeWeeChristine PicconeAdministrator
AAA - Minor BantamKeith SchultzHead Coach
AAA - Minor BantamPaul Dal BelloAssistant Coach
AAA - Minor BantamMark Dal BelloAssistant Coach
AAA - Minor BantamDanny DescaryTrainer
AAA - Minor BantamNikki HenriquesAdministrator
AAA - BantamTim PriamoHead Coach
AAA - BantamTyler WisemanAssistant Coach
AAA - BantamMatt KennedyAssistant Coach
AAA - BantamMarcus GattoTrainer
AAA - BantamTom OrpanaManager
AAA - Minor MidgetRick ChapmanHead Coach
AAA - Minor MidgetScott KennedyAssistant Coach
AAA - Minor MidgetDaniel KearnsAssistant Coach
AAA - Minor MidgetPeter SoligoAssistant Coach
AAA - Minor MidgetKaren KearnsTrainer
AAA - Minor MidgetTrina SeguinAdministrator
AAA - MidgetBrent BoothHead Coach
AAA - MidgetAndy HyvarinenAssistant Coach
AAA - MidgetShawn PattersonAssistant Coach
AAA - MidgetChris SheaManager
AA - Minor AtomDarryl MetzloffHead Coach
AA - Minor AtomShawn O'ConnellAssistant Coach
AA - Minor AtomGlen KeleherAssistant Coach
AA - Minor AtomSean StaffordAssistant Coach
AA - Minor AtomChris BattagliaTrainer
AA - Minor AtomJeff HoffmanAdministrator
AA - AtomRyan KellyHead Coach
AA - AtomRyan McDonaldAssistant Coach
AA - AtomJay ShieldsAssistant Coach
AA - AtomVaughn WamboldtAssistant Coach
AA - AtomAndrew DuncanTrainer
AA - AtomJessica MacKinnonManager
AA - Minor PeeWeeClarke SneddenHead Coach
AA - Minor PeeWeeSteve Van DamAssistant Coach
AA - Minor PeeWeeMatt SmithAssistant Coach
AA - Minor PeeWeeBlair BowmanTrainer
AA - Minor PeeWeeShawn PattersonManager
AA - PeeWeeBruce SchlittHead Coach
AA - PeeWeeTom BothwellAssistant Coach
AA - PeeWeeBobby McKnightAssistant Coach
AA - PeeWeeGerrit StamTrainer
AA - PeeWeeRobin MilneAdministrator
AA - Minor BantamShawn McConkeyHead Coach
AA - Minor BantamDarren MacDonaldManager
AA - BantamChris EllisCoach
AA - BantamJeff HainesTrainer
AA - BantamBrad KleinManager
AA - Minor MidgetJason RobertsCoach
AA - Minor MidgetMike BettonvilTrainer
AA - Minor MidgetDanielle JoworskiAdministrator
AA - MidgetSteve LockeHead Coach
AA - MidgetTom GillAssitant Coach
AA - MidgetRalph NeumannAssistant Coach
AA - MidgetAndy PennerTrainer
AA - MidgetChuck StrattonManager
A - Minor AtomRon DocksteaderCoach
A - Minor AtomColin McGroatyAssistant Coach
A - Minor AtomJeff StewartAssistant Coach
A - Minor AtomSteven RonsonTrainer
A - Minor AtomHudson SmithAssistant Trainer
A - Minor AtomDavid ChristiansenAdministrator
A - AtomSteve Burgess-WhitingHead Coach
A - AtomDave NewellAssistant Coach
A - AtomKevin KellyAssistant Coach
A - AtomJulie HowdenTrainer
A - AtomSteph SchuettManager
A - Minor PeeWeeMark SouthernCoach
A - Minor PeeWeeMike RobertsonAssistant Coach
A - Minor PeeWeeDom TersigniAssistant Coach
A - Minor PeeWeeKelly DubucTrainer
A - Minor PeeWeeLisa RobertsonAdministrator
A - PeeWeeBrian WillsieHead Coach
A - PeeWeeGary ClarkeAssistant Coach
A - PeeWeeJeff NeumannAssistant Coach
A - PeeWeeDon ArmstrongAssistant Coach
A - PeeWeeSteve BorgheseTrainer
A - PeeWeeKelly PearsonAdministrator
A - Minor BantamSteve KellyHead Coach
A - Minor BantamRich MoroAssistant Coach
A - Minor BantamZan VetterTrainer
A - Minor BantamAndy WeilerAdministrator
A - BantamTodd Schlachter Coach
A - BantamConnor KearneyAssistant Coach
A - BantamBen OldfieldTrainer
A - BantamDan SuttonAssistant Coach
A - BantamKen CathcartAdministrator
A - Minor MidgetVincent BrisbinHead Coach
A - Minor MidgetPaolo CremascoAdministrator
AE - Minor AtomJason MaggioloHead Coach
AE - Minor AtomKevin PensonAssistant Coach
AE - Minor AtomRob EllisAssistant Coach
AE - Minor AtomDerek CurtisAssistant Coach
AE - Minor AtomBruce AlexanderTrainer
AE - Minor AtomSue BrownAdministrator
AE - AtomFrank TassoneHead Coach
AE - AtomMatt StanleyAssistant Coach
AE - AtomBob ClaytonAssistant Coach
AE - AtomTodd RowellTrainer
AE - AtomRoy SchaeferAssistant Trainer
AE - AtomTodd RowellAdministrator
AE - Minor PeeWeeTim DavisonCoach
AE - Minor PeeWeeKen BeynonAsst Coach
AE - Minor PeeWeeJames FletcherAsst Coach
AE - Minor PeeWeeMatt WilsonAsst Coach
AE - Minor PeeWeeTrevor ByardTrainer
AE - Minor PeeWeeTracy MarkwoodManager
AE - PeeWeeShane TobinCoach
AE - PeeWeeBrad BroeckelAssistant Coach
AE - PeeWeeShawn TaggartAssistant Coach
AE - PeeWeePaul HughesTrainer
AE - PeeWeeBrian HeinsAdministrator
AE - Minor BantamCorey BrownCoach519-277-0830 (c)
AE - Minor BantamRay ArsenioAssistant Coach
AE - Minor BantamIan McQueenTrainer
AE - Minor BantamBaz DurziManager
AE - Minor BantamSteve CaldwellAdministrator
AE - BantamRob BulyovskyCoach
AE - BantamChris DunfordAssistant Coach
AE - BantamDaron AbbeyAssistant Coach
AE - BantamCory SuffernTrainer
AE - BantamJulie BulyovskyManager
MD - Minor MidgetDave MageeCoach519-222-0917 (c)
MD - Minor MidgetSteve SandersonTrainer
MD - Minor MidgetJodi SandersonManager
Select - Minor AtomScott DoernHead Coach
Select - Minor AtomChad MitchellManager
Select - Minor AtomEric OhAssistant Coach
Select - Minor AtomAndy CouttsAssistant Coach
Select - Minor AtomPaul TaylorAssistant Coach
Select - Minor AtomEthan PulleyblankTrainer
Select - AtomWarren KurtHead Coach
Select - AtomWilliam CurtisAssistant Coach
Select - AtomBarry WattsAssistant Coach
Select - AtomDean KelleyAssistant Coach
Select - AtomRyan KentnerTrainer
Select - AtomRenae RedfordManager
Select - AtomJenn KentnerManager
Select - Minor PeeweeJeremy CooneyHead Coach
Select - Minor PeeweeKen BeynonAssistant Coach
Select - Minor PeeweeCory O'ConnellAssistant Coach
Select - Minor PeeweePeter EikelboomManager
Select - Minor PeeweeAdrian ThibodeauTrainer
Select - PeeweeMichael ThomsonHead Coach
Select - PeeweeNorm SutherlandAssistant Coach
Select - PeeweeDanny FriasTrainer
Select - BantamMichael SzaboHead Coach
Select - BantamScott MasonAssistant Coach
Select - BantamOscar RamirezAssistant Coach
Select - BantamJeff RobinsonTrainer
Select - BantamTerry MayAssistant Trainer
Select - BantamKelly IrwinManager15195882640 (c)
Select - BantamMiya SzaboManager
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