Parents (Guelph Minor Hockey Association)



GMHA wants to thank all the parents that enroll their children to play hockey each year, and dedicate all their time and support to providing a fun season for them. Everyone wants their child to be successful and have fun while playing hockey. GMHA believes that parents play an important role in that, but parents can only do so much. GMHA wanted to provide resources available to parents to help improve processes, and have information readily available.

You can view these resources on our Parent Resources page. Check out how you can play a role in your child's development as a hockey player: The Role of Parents in Player Development

 As well, GMHA only survives when people volunteer and help with the running of our hockey programs. Parents are our typical volunteers, but of course all volunteers are welcome. Please check out some of our types of volunteer positions we are always looking for on our Volunteer Page, and complete the Volunteer Form, if you are looking to help out in any way.

Thank you again to all GMHA parents who are so important to the running of GMHA as a Minor Hockey Association.