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Welcome to the Guelph Minor Hockey Association (GMHA) Skating School Program in partnership with Inside Edge.

Please read through the information provided below to aid you in making the right registration choice for your young skater/player.

Program Cost

Program Options
The GMHA Skating School offers three distinct programs for skaters/ players: 
1) Skating Skills
2) Hockey Basics
3) Hockey Skills
Each of  these programs are geared toward progressive development, building from one program to the next, to ensure each player continues to develop by being in the most appropriate skating/hockey environment.  A short definition is provided for each program below.

Session Format
There will be three 50 minute sessions available to enroll in, with all lessons on Saturday morning.
Within each of these three 50 minute sessions, all three of the Distinct Skating/Hockey Programs will be offered.  The rink will be sectioned off and have a dedicated station/section for each of the three programs.  Skaters/Players can progress upward into the next level program over the course of the season.

IMPORTANT:  Player to Instructor Ratio’s and Registration Instruction
Each program has a planned maximum number of registrants per 50 minute session. 
e.g. if the Player to Instructor Ratio identified is 6:1 then the plan is to register only 6 players for that 50 minute session for that specific program.  If there is stronger demand for a specific program the GMHA will maintain a waiting list and will re-evaluate opening up more spots based on overall enrollment in each program.
Please ensure you identify a program you are registering for within the time slot you are choosing.

The Three Program options are as follows:
Skating Skills
Appropriate for
:  For first time skaters or minimal on ice experience. 
Equipment Requirements:  Skaters do not have to wear full hockey gear in this program.
 Skaters must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet with face mask…this is mandatory. 
Player to Instructor Ratio:  6:1 

Hockey Basics
Appropriate for
:  Perfect for children that have had one year experience with GMHA skating school but are still not able to stride and glide.  Skaters must be able to stand up unassisted for this program.
Majority of this program will focus on skating fundamentals with minimal hockey drills. 
Equipment Requirements:  Full hockey equipment including a helmet with face mask is required. Sticks are also required to attend this program.
Player to Instructor Ratio:  6:1

Hockey Skills
Appropriate for
:  Great for any skater who has taken one or more sessions with GMHA or who can stride and glide. Majority of the class will focus on skating technique. Minimal work skating with the puck will be covered in each class. 
Equipment Requirements:  Full hockey equipment including a helmet with face mask is required. Sticks are also required to attend this program.
Player to Instructor Ratio:  10:1


About The Director: Sharon Richardson

Sharon’s love for skating, hockey, and coaching has been developing for most of her life. With over 30 years of combined skating and coaching experience, Sharon has trained as a competitive figure skater, a skating coach, and trainer, and developed her own skating and hockey program - Inside Edge Skating & Hockey School. Over the past 12 years, Sharon has had the opportunity and privilege to work with many local organizations and teams. 

Sharon has focused on and provided skating development programs in collaboration with such organizations as the Cambridge Hawks, Cambridge Roadrunners, Cambridge Ringette, Hespeler Minor Hockey, Guelph Minor Hockey, and Guelph Girls Hockey. 

Whether you are new to skating, an athlete in training, or somewhere in between,  you will see Sharon's passion for skating, hockey, and teaching the moment you step on the ice.

About Inside Edge 

INSIDE EDGE is not your typical skating and hockey school. We offer a variety of programs, which teach the fundamentals of skating and hockey using skills and techniques which create a fun, creative atmosphere. With our talented, dedicated, experienced instructors we are confident that we will be able to provide your child a unique learning experience.

Please visit for further details on our programs.