COVID-19 Resources (Guelph Minor Hockey Association)

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We have compiled a number of COVID-19 resources to help all of us safely navigate our return to hockey this season.  Please be aware that protocols can change based on our direction from the Provincial Government, our local Public Health Unit, the OMHA, and our partners at the City of Guelph and The University of Guelph. 

Effective September 22
Ontario government announcement earlier this month that requires residents to show proof of vaccination or medical exemption alongside government-issued identification to access certain high-risk indoor services.  

Our full announcement is in the document below.


Facility Protocols

City of Guelph

All visitors to City of Guelph facilities must adhere to the following protocols:

Follow the signage posted inside and outside of the facility.
- All visitors to recreation facilities are required to complete the City of Guelph COVID-19 Visitor Screening Form on the day of their ice event. Parents or guardians will complete this form for their children as well as themselves before coming into our recreation facilities.
- If anyone in your rental group is feeling ill, they should not come to the site or enter the facility.
Face coverings are required for all individuals coming to the rental when in the dressing room ad walking around the recreation facility. Masks can be removed when stepping on the ice.
A maximum of 45 participants are permitted on the ice. This includes all coaches, volunteers, participants, trainers, officials, etc.
- V
isitors will be permitted access to the building 15 minutes prior to the ice time. Please arrive on time and proceed to the assigned dressing room upon entry into the building.
A maximum of 15 people per dressing room is permitted. 2 dressing rooms will be provided per ice rental.
Washrooms in the facility will be open.
Washrooms and showers in the dressing rooms will remain closed.
A designated standing/sitting area will be identified for parents.
- P
lease minimize the number of personal belongings (including hockey bags).
Come to the arena dressed for play as much as possible.
Food or beverages are not allowed with the exception of player water bottles. Water bottle filling stations are to be used for personal water bottles only.
All participants must depart within 10 minutes of the completion of your ice time.
Minor/your participants must not be on the ice surface without being accompanied/supervised by a coach.
Teams may not run in the facility for “warmups”.
The use of sticks, pucks or balls in the off-ice areas is strictly prohibited.

University of Guelph

All visitors to The University of Guelph facilities must adhere to the following protocols:

Follow the signage posted inside and outside of the facility.
All visitors are required to complete the University of Guelph COVID-19 Screening Form each day prior to arrival.  As an alternative, download the SafeGryphon App to your phone for quick access to the form.
All visitors to the University campus are required to wear a face covering, both indoors and outdoors.
Participants may enter the facility 15 minutes prior to your ice time and must depart within 15 minutes of completion of your ice time.
All participants will enter through the Red Rink sliding doors, regardless of which rink they are visiting.
Once you have entered the lobby, proceed to your identified change room(s).
Participants must exit the facility through the side door of their rink.
A maximum of 15 people is permitted in each dressing room at any given time.
Parents/guardians count toward the limit of 15 people per room.
Extra chairs will be safety distanced throughout each rink for those who prefer not to enter dressing rooms.
Washrooms in dressing rooms will be available.
Showers are not permitted.
On-ice capacity is limited to 30 participants for practices, 45 participants for organized game play, and 45 participants for tryouts (September 2021).


OMHA COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

On September 3rd, 2021, the OMHA announced a new mandate that all eligible participants involved in minor hockey are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 for the upcoming season.  All eligible participants are required to be fully vaccinated by October 31, 2021. For full details on the policy visit OMHA COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.

Government of Ontario Self Assessment

If you are feeling unwell in anyway, please take the COVID-19 Self-Assessment.   Even if you believe that you do not have COVID-19 but are feeling unwell, for the safety of others, please exercise caution and do not come to the rink.