Skill Development 1 (U6) (Guelph Minor Hockey Association)

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Skill Development 1 (SD1)

SD1 is Guelph Minor Hockey's on-ice program for U6 hockey players. (5 year old players)

In SD1, the focus is on skating fundamentals. No hockey experience is required, as this is an introduction to hockey type of program. Small Area Games (SAGs) are used to create a fun and interactive learning environment to develop individual skills. SAGs are competitive hockey drills done in a smaller-than-normal playing area and are designed to teach players through the simulation of game situations.


Program Structure

The SD1 program runs for 19 weeks from October through March, including a 2-week break over the holidays.

Each week includes 1 practice session (Saturday) and 1 game sessions (Sunday).



The SD1 program is open for general registration.

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