Skill Development 3 (Guelph Minor Hockey Association)

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Skill Development 3 (SD3)

Skill Development 3 (SD3) is GMHA’s standard program for 7 year old players looking for a recreational, low frequency hockey experience.

SD3 is open to general registration and includes 1 practice and 1 game each week through the season. 

SD3 Program Structure

SD3 builds off of those fundamental skills developed in SD1 & SD2. 

While not a prerequisite, many participants have been in the Skills Development Program for two years now and are ready to begin having more of a hockey focus. 

Fun is always the primary focus, but now that players have learned the fundamental skills, a shift towards the basics of hockey is natural. SD3 looks to teach hockey specific skills, proper positioning, and introduce basic rules & strategies.

The program runs for roughly 19 weeks (depending on each season’s calendar) including a 2 week break over the Christmas Holidays. 

Each week includes 1 practice (Saturday) and 1 game (Sunday). 

In line with Hockey Canada’s U9 Player Pathway, games run in a half-ice format to allow for a smaller area of play ensuring each player is more involved in skill development more frequently. Score is not kept, and there are no referees. Coaches run the games, and take the time on the ice to help players with specific skills to continue their development.

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Accessing Additional Skill Development

Players participating in SD3 (either because they are not interested in the Advanced Development Program, or because they were not selected for an ADP team), have the option to access additional skill development opportunities for an additional fee:


Registration for Skill Development 3 is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please visit our REGISTRATION page to join the upcoming season!