2019-2020 Details (Current Season), Seasons (Guelph Minor Hockey)

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  • 23 - 21 - 4
    Minor Atom
    Coached by Jon Sobol. Team staff include Chris Billings, Keith Savery, Chad Savery, Ashley Bradley. Latest news: "Minor Atom AAA Taylor Hall Cup Champions!" (Jan 17). Next event: "PD Day Min Atom AAA Event Lunch" (10:00 AM-11:00 AM).
  • 15 - 18 - 13
    Coached by Brett Smith. Team staff include Rob Hall, Ryan White, Beppy Toscan, Shane Mabey, Carrie Tinning. Sponsored by Superior Steel Roofing, Bloom Dance Company, Bryan Billings Orthotics , Taylor Gerber & Associates Ltd, A.S. Premier Plumbing Inc, Wellington Ortho & Rehab Associates, Milwaukee, Suzanne Chate Coaching, Parsons Financial Inc., str logistics ltd, Carrie Tinning Bookkeeping, Linesteel Ltd, GoodLife Fitness. Next event: "Qualifier Weekend " (2/22/20-2/23/20).
  • 33 - 13 - 6
    Minor PeeWee
    Coached by Jay Martin. Team staff include Donato Dibucchianico, Steve Duff, Mike Gatto, Chris Jenkins. Latest news: "Minor Peewee AAA - Peterborough Early Bird Consolation Champions" (Sep 16). Next event: "8 Game Round Robin" (2/07/20-3/01/20).
  • 15 - 22 - 3
    Coached by Scott Biser. Team staff include Jesse Longo, Justin Longo, Jordan Mock, Jenna Stetz, Christine Piccone. Latest news: "April 20th, 2019 615 Tryout practice Cambridge" (Apr 20). Next event: "Ice-Body Checking/Skills" (6:30 PM-7:30 PM).
  • 8 - 30 - 8
    Minor Bantam
    Coached by Keith Schultz. Team staff include Paul Dal Bello, Mark Dal Bello, Danny Descary, Nikki Henriques. Sponsored by Hotrunner Technologies, Chilly Gear, Manulife Investment Managment. Next event: "Pursuit Training" (8:00 PM-9:00 PM).
  • 21 - 20 - 5
    Coached by Tim Priamo. Team staff include Tyler Wiseman, Matt Kennedy, Marcus Gatto, Tom Orpana. Latest news: "18th Man Update - Adam is officially a Gryphon!" (Dec 01). Next event: "Dryland Training" (4:45 PM-6:00 PM).
  • 24 - 20 - 9
    Minor Midget
    Coached by Rick Chapman. Team staff include Scott Kennedy, Daniel Kearns, Peter Soligo, Karen Kearns, Trina Seguin. Sponsored by Mezcon Construction Ltd., Salex Inc., The Farley Group, Weiler & Company, Canadian Atlantic Seafood Imports Inc., Royal LePage Thomas McPhail, Swiderek Dental, Ivy Arms, Orthodontic Centre in Milton, Magna, All Professional Trades Inc.. Latest news: "Guelph Gryphons Minor Midget AAA - Food Drive" (Oct 19). Next event: "8 Game Round Robin" (1/24/20-2/16/20).
  • 30 - 13 - 8
    Coached by Brent Booth. Team staff include Andy Hyvarinen, Shawn Patterson, Chris Shea. Latest news: "2019 Midget AAA Waterloo Gold Puck Tournament Champions" (Dec 17). Next event: "8 Game Round Robin" (2/07/20-3/01/20).
AA Rep
  • No Scores ReportedNovice ADP AA
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
  • 11 - 31 - 7
    Minor Atom
    Coached by Darryl Metzloff. Team staff include Shawn O'Connell, Glen Keleher, Sean Stafford, Chris Battaglia, Jeff Hoffman.
  • 24 - 24 - 4
    Coached by Ryan Kelly. Team staff include Ryan McDonald, Jay Shields, Vaughn Wamboldt, Andrew Duncan, Jessica MacKinnon. Sponsored by HTM Sensors, Strategic Site Selection, Guelph City Mazda, Ironwood Dental, Dr Ross Fiore - Guelph Orthodontics, Shuh's Appliance Centre, The Business Resource Centre, Starshot Marketing, Shopper's Drug Mart, BMO Wealth Management, Coldwell Banker, Trotters Auto Complex, KM Custom Drywall Interiors, HOMELIFE POWER REALTY INC., Brokerage. Latest news: "Gryphons Atom AA Team Make History As The Mississauga Blackhawks Tournament CHAMPIONS!!!!!" (Nov 11).
  • 44 - 7 - 0
    Minor PeeWee
    Coached by Clarke Snedden. Team staff include Steve Van Dam, Matt Smith, Blair Bowman, Shawn Patterson. Sponsored by AM Roofing, Barry Cullen Chevrolet Cadillac, Reid's Heritage Properties, Impact Sales & Marketing Inc, Freybe Gourmet Foods Ltd, Metro, Arista Dental Centre, NAV Canada, K.B.R. Auto Parts Inc, APC Auto Parts Centres, RBC. Latest news: "M Peewee AA Powerplay CHAMPIONS!!!" (Nov 26).
  • 30 - 19 - 4
    Coached by Bruce Schlitt. Team staff include Tom Bothwell, Bobby McKnight, Gerrit Stam, Robin Milne. Latest news: "Peewee AA Open Season With Victory" (Sep 21).
  • 28 - 13 - 4
    Minor Bantam
    Coached by Shawn McConkey. Team staff include Darren MacDonald. Latest news: "Early Bird Tournament Champions " (Sep 09).
  • 28 - 10 - 6
    Coached by Chris Ellis. Team staff include Jeff Haines, Brad Klein.
  • 32 - 5 - 6
    Minor Midget
    Coached by Beau Jakielaszek. Team staff include Jason Roberts, Mike Bettonvil, Danielle Joworski. Sponsored by Connect Tech Inc., Joseph and Company, Rebecca Thompson, M.Sc. - Speech-Language Pathologist. Latest news: "Minor Midget AA Wins Gold in Waterloo" (Nov 21).
  • 28 - 8 - 3
    Coached by Steve Locke. Team staff include Tom Gill, Ralph Neumann, Andy Penner, Chuck Stratton. Latest news: "Ottawa Fall Classic Tournament" (Nov 13).
A Rep
  • No Scores ReportedNovice ADP A
    No coaches have been assigned to this team. Team staff include Alex F, Philip Levesque, J Metzloff, C Rouse, E Stocco. Sponsored by Robin's Nest Family Care, Cherry Blossom Sushi Bar, Unique Global Products & Distribution Inc., Drexler Construction, Penco Drywall, Local Own Comfort, Robert Charko Law Office, Oliver's Headshot & Portrait Photography, King Tool Manufacturing, Power Workers' Union, Northern Dancer Sales & Marketing, Canadian Millwork & Contracting Co. Ltd.
  • 21 - 23 - 8
    Minor Atom
    Coached by Ron Docksteader. Team staff include Colin McGroaty, Jeff Stewart, Steven Ronson, Hudson Smith, David Christiansen.
  • 22 - 22 - 4
    Coached by Steve Burgess-Whiting. Team staff include Dave Newell, Kevin Kelly, Julie Howden, Steph Schuett.
  • 13 - 13 - 6
    Minor PeeWee
    Coached by Mark Southern. Team staff include Mike Robertson, Dom Tersigni, Kelly Dubuc, Lisa Robertson. Latest news: "Minor PeeWee Take a Successful Road Trip to Caledon" (Dec 16).
  • 33 - 9 - 7
    Coached by Brian Willsie. Team staff include Gary Clarke, Jeff Neumann, Don Armstrong, Steve Borghese, Kelly Pearson. Latest news: "Back to Back Champs!" (Dec 11).
  • 21 - 22 - 2
    Minor Bantam
    Coached by Steve Kelly. Team staff include Rich Moro, Zan Vetter, Andy Weiler.
  • 15 - 19 - 4
    Coached by Todd Schlachter . Team staff include Connor Kearney, Ben Oldfield, Dan Sutton, Ken Cathcart. Latest news: "Notre Dame Fighting Irish Champs! " (Nov 12). Next event: "Pickering Spring Thaw" (4/03/20-4/05/20).
  • 4 - 24 - 2
    Minor Midget
    Coached by Vincent Brisbin. Team staff include Paolo Cremasco.
  • No Scores ReportedMidget
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
AE Rep
  • No Scores ReportedNovice ADP AE
    Coached by Mike O'Toole. Team staff include Chad Mitchell.
  • 22 - 24 - 4
    Minor Atom
    Coached by Jason Maggiolo. Team staff include Kevin Penson, Rob Ellis, Derek Curtis, Bruce Alexander, Sue Brown. Latest news: "Gryphons for the Gold!" (Dec 29). Next event: "Treadmill Training" (5:30 PM-8:30 PM).
  • 32 - 9 - 6
    Coached by Frank Tassone. Team staff include Matt Stanley, Bob Clayton, Todd Rowell, Roy Schaefer, Todd Rowell. Sponsored by JS CUSTOM FLATGLASS.
  • 35 - 10 - 1
    Minor PeeWee
    Coached by Tim Davison. Team staff include Ken Beynon, James Fletcher, Matt Wilson, Trevor Byard, Tracy Markwood. Latest news: "Gryphons Sneak By Flamborough-Dundas to Run Playoff Record to 2-0" (Jan 13).
  • 28 - 11 - 7
    Coached by Shane Tobin. Team staff include Brad Broeckel, Shawn Taggart, Paul Hughes, Brian Heins. Latest news: "Peewee AE Chi-Town Cup Champions" (Nov 14). Next event: "Team Building Event " (12:00 PM-9:00 PM).
  • 22 - 21 - 3
    Minor Bantam
    Coached by Corey Brown. Team staff include Ray Arsenio, Ian McQueen, Baz Durzi, Steve Caldwell. Latest news: "Oshawa Cup Champions!" (Oct 20).
  • 18 - 18 - 4
    Coached by Rob Bulyovsky. Team staff include Chris Dunford, Daron Abbey, Cory Suffern, Julie Bulyovsky. Sponsored by GoodLife Fitness, Hussmann, US Speedo and Importing, Co-Operators, Taylor Leibow LLP, Accu-Trade, Trillium West, TD Bank, Triumph Tool. Latest news: "Bantam AE Supports Lakeside Hope House" (Sep 28).
  • 6 - 19 - 2
    Minor Midget
    Coached by Dave Magee. Team staff include Steve Sanderson, Jodi Sanderson. Next event: "Dryland Training" (7:00 PM-8:00 PM).
Minor Novice ADP
House League Select
  • 3 - 9 - 3
    Minor Atom
    Coached by Scott Doern. Team staff include Chad Mitchell, Eric Oh, Andy Coutts, Paul Taylor, Ethan Pulleyblank. Latest news: "Select Team Named" (Sep 23).
  • 6 - 2 - 1
    Coached by Warren Kurt. Team staff include William Curtis, Barry Watts, Dean Kelley, Ryan Kentner, Renae Redford, Jenn Kentner. Latest news: "1972 Summit Series" (Dec 23).
  • 1 - 7 - 0
    Minor Peewee
    Coached by Jeremy Cooney. Team staff include Ken Beynon, Cory O'Connell, Peter Eikelboom, Adrian Thibodeau.
  • 7 - 4 - 1
    Coached by Michael Thomson. Team staff include Norm Sutherland, Danny Frias. Latest news: "Gryphons Stay Strong as they face Hamilton and Burlington this Week" (Jan 09).
  • 12 - 12 - 2
    Coached by Michael Szabo. Team staff include Scott Mason, Oscar Ramirez, Jeff Robinson, Terry May, Kelly Irwin, Miya Szabo. Sponsored by Barry Cullen , SV Law, Dominos, Linamar, Bosch, Thirty-One, T&A Automotive. Latest news: "2019 BANTAM SELECT FOOD DRIVE @ METRO STONE ROAD" (Dec 02).
Other Teams
  • No Scores ReportedOpen Ice
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
  • No Scores ReportedOther Ice Uses
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
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